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A unique and very special Menu for all Txuletas lovers at the Fermín Calbetón with Arcecarne!

11 de December de 2023

We present you the TXULETAS MULTIRAZA DRYAGED TASTING MENU that we have prepared with our suppliers and friends of Arcecarne and that we will enjoy on December 22nd at Fermin Calbeton in the old part of Donostia – San Sebastian.

After more than a year as Fermin Calbeton in the old part of Donostia San Sebastian, there are already many Txuletas and thousands of diners who have enjoyed our grills and the art of our grillers. And as a logical consequence, there are also many loins and chops that have passed through the knife of our grillers; which has allowed us to learn little by little, we are still learning the butchers’ trade with the advice of our excellent meat suppliers.

In fact, we always like to say that to be a good griller it is essential to also be a good butcher or at least to enter this world with humility and good company to learn from.

A short time ago we celebrated a dinner with several influencers and gastronomes from San Sebastian (Asier from @Sansebastianfoodies, @Ainaralo, the president of the Basque Academy of Gastronomy with his daughter, and we tasted with them different Txuletas to later evaluate them and see which breed was the one we all liked the most. And it was so gratifying for all of us that we were left with the idea that we had to share it in some way with all our clientele and friends of the embers.

With all this background together with the great relationship that unites us with our meat suppliers Arcecarne; we have given shape to what we told you before and we have jointly decided to offer to all lovers of meat something unique and very special: A tasting menu of Txuletas of different breeds and also different dryaged maturities so that all “SteakLovers” can taste, savor and distinguish, as if it were a tasting, the different textures, flavors, aromas and tenderness of each meat.

For different reasons; but above all because they have marked gastronomic differences; we have chosen for this special Menu Limousine, Angus and Simmental breed loins that Arcecarne has been in charge of selecting and refining until the day of its enjoyment after passing through the embers of the Fermin Calbeton’s grill.

December 22nd will be the only day that we will be able to enjoy together this experience always under reservation; but surely in the future we will make you more proposals always around the embers and the Txuletas.

We offer you the menu that we will enjoy and the link where you can buy it with the reservation included. If you wish you can also make a reservation by sending an email to




Steak tartare on braised marrow



Txuleta of Navarra origin and Limousine breed.

with 40 days of maturation.


Txuleta of Irish origin and Aberdeen Angus breed with 50 days of maturation.


Txuleta of European origin and Simmental breed.

with 75 days of maturation.


Creamy cheesecake


Pairing with several wines specifically selected for each type of meat.

See you on December 22nd at Fermin Calbeton in the old part of San Sebastian! ????????⭐️????????????????

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