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Something unique and very special! A Beef T-bone steak day is coming up at Fermin Calbeton.

9 de March de 2023

More and more of you “addicted” to the embers and good Txuletas are coming to Fermin Calbetón in the old part of San Sebastian to enjoy the jewels of our maturation chamber; so we have been thinking about how to offer you something unique and very special gastronomically speaking within the world of meats.

As you know, those of you who usually follow us at Fermin Calbeton, we offer a menu of different Txuletas by breeds, origins and maturities that we change periodically. So many of you have already enjoyed the meat of the Galician crossbreeds, of the indigenous Basque cows km 0, of the Simmental or Friesian breed; as well as of different dry aged maturations. But this time we wanted to surpass ourselves and offer you something really special and for that we selected and acquired with our trusted butchers Carnes Rekarte an Alistano Sanabrés breed ox from the Mugarrieta de Hondarribia cattle ranch in 2022.

Weekly letter of breeds and maturities of Txuletas

As you can see in the photos, it is an exceptional animal that has been treated and fed with care and that most probably will make us enjoy gastronomically speaking something difficult to repeat. Soon we will proceed to the slaughter and maturation of their meat so that their Txuletas arrive at the optimum point and that our grillers make us enjoy a meat with a flavor, texture and aroma that will not leave anyone indifferent.

All of you who want to follow the process we will keep you informed through our networks and we will let you know as soon as possible the dates of THE BEEF TXULETON DAYS AT FERMIN CALBETON IN THE OLD PART OF SAN SEBASTIAN so you can make your reservations See you soon Steak Lovers! ⭐️????????????????

Fermin Calbeton’s “clandestine” txoko wine bar